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DT-405 Deoiling Detergent

2014-01-04 13:58:20

DT-405Deoiling Detergent

1, Properties

DT-405compounds with drugs which have chelating, cleaning, degreasing, scattered ,infiltration multiple roles, has a unique oil, rust, cleaning effect, is a good degreasing cleaning agent, can effectively remove dirt on the device and emulsified oil and oil film adhere to the surface of pipeline equipment,and no secondary pollution.

DT-405has good effect on the removal of oil leaking into the circulating water,can compare with the effect of enzyme, saves both time and water, does not destroy the water balance, owns good compatibility with P series of inhibition.

DT-405is suitable for oil degreasing cleaning of circulation water  system, mainly for cleaning and degreasing new system before the pre-film, provides the conditions for the pre-film.





Brown turbid liquid

Solid content % 30.0
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.25± 0.1
pH(1% solution) 2.0 ± 1.0

3, Using method

The use of DT-405 is according to the specific circumstances of recycled water system. Professional engineers develop the program before using cleaning degreasing.

4, Package and Storage

DT-405 packed with  plastic drum, 25kg/drum, or according to usersˊ needs.Store in cool place, storage for six months.

5, Safety Protection

DT-405is a weak acid, attention to labor protection, avoid contacting with eyes and skin ,once contacted,flush with water.