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DT-403 Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent

2014-01-04 13:54:43


DT-403Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent

1, Properties

    DT-403is a cleaning pre-filming agent with chelating, cleaning, dispersion, such as the role of the pharmaceutical compound film formed,DT-403has the dual role of cleaning and pretreatment filming. in the application process,it has the advantage of fast cleaning speed, effective cleaning, fast film, film compact and uniform, low corrosion rate.DT-403-type pre-filming agent non-stop neutral cleaning can be adaptable to various water quality, has no  iron, copper and other harmful ions′ interference .It is suitable for cleaning pre-film in the circulating cooling water system, in particular circulation water system non-stop pre-cleaning film.

2, Specification



Amber liquid
Solid content% ≥                                       
Total phosphorus content (as PO 4 3 -)% ≥)
Density (20 ℃) g / cm 3
1.25 ± 0.1
pH (1% solution)
2.0± 1.0

3, Using method

The adding agent concentrationof DT-403 is 150mg/Lor more.

4, Package and Storage

DT-403 packed withplastic drum,25kg/drum, or according to user′s needs.Store in cool place, storage for 12 months.

5,Safety Protection

DT-403is a weak acid, attention to labor protection, avoid contacting with eyes and skin ,once contacted,flush with water.